Loveless childhood


Compassion, Love, care and attention,
4 things that are unrealistic,
Chilling like the villain you are,
Your nice watch and fancy car,
Heartless body,
Bottomless soul,
Constantly hustling,
nothing but a thug,
Not loved as a child,
not even a hug,
Until this lady came along, oh wow she was Beautiful,
Wow this lady,
Next thing i know she's had my Baby,
Should have used contraception,
For the child's protection,
From a loveless mother,
And a Dad who is Wild,
1 year Later the Dad is no more,
Mother and son,
She don't know any better,
Defeat is gonna get ya,
Now left with a twisted little man,
19 Now,
Im expected to be normal,
Even feel it,
Cant cope with this world,
i cant believe it
MAN its hard, everyone knows that,
But to never know the feeling of a father,
Or to never be truly kissed by your only mother,
Its hard to realise,
That in a room full of people,
Im alone.
A loveless child hood,
That's me,
Still tho, ive gotta man up.
Tell everyone im fine.


  • Author: calbreezy (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 5th, 2016 17:53
  • Comment from author about the poem: Yeah, so ive never met my father, and I know my mother, shes a lovely lady means well, but shes never showed me the love a child needed, 5 kids 4 fathers, everyone else had somebody else I was left with a mother who was never there, yeah for the right reasons she was working, but a 12 year old needs love and attention, not neglect and rejection, its hard I know, and this is so personal, but I just get urges to write my feelings and emotions, this just happens to be tonight's reflection.
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  • Aylaviolet

    You are fine! Well, in any case.. you are a blessed poet.

    I hope love finds you.

    • calbreezy

      Thank you!

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