Feast Or Famine

Passionate kisses fall upon my hungry lips,

As loving hands caress my cheeks


Knowing eyes look deep into my soul,

Searching for my innocence

That wanders lost and starving

Inside my darkness 


Soothing words call forth restrained emotions

Locked deep within the ravenous confines of my loneliness 


The sweet aroma of your passion

Wafts gently into my nose

And fills my head with the promise

of your delectable sustenance


Do I break my fast

And ingest your delicious promises

That entice my hungry senses?


Do I let my love starved innocents

Be found by your searching eyes?


Shall I follow those soothing words

Straight to the rapturous bounty

That is your love?


Do I trust those loving hands

And take hold,

And be pulled from the dark depths

Of my loneliness and emotional famine


Am I ready to feast upon the sumptuous banquet you offer?

Or has my appetite been lost forever?


I think I will just taste your passionate kisses

And let my heart decide

How hungry it really is.


  • dmr90

    I am digging this writing. Outstanding use of words. Keep on writing !

    • notapoet

      Appreciate the read and feedback.

    • Tony36

      Love it

      • notapoet

        Thank you.

        • Tony36


        • lovedud

          Amazing; captures an indescribable feeling.

          • notapoet

            Thank you for the feed back.

          • Frances.Zacharias97

            I don't know what to say. the writing,the wording,the feelings they are so on point and out of this world good. Giving inspiration left and right!

            • notapoet

              Thank you for the read and taking time to comment, it really means a lot

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