This world today

This world today/is at a state of emergency/in serious need of help/in a state of urgency/sad yo see violence at a all time high/senseless with never answered questions to why/when girls are proud of the fact they can twerk/but cant do the simplest part of their school or homework/boys walking around settling there issues with guns/with no male figure to guide them/love them/tell them "i love you son"/men and woman selling there souls for the almighty dollar/will illusions of grandeur/high status and power/a society clothes in lies/struggling to find the naked truth/there is one solution i definitely approve/pray to the Lord above/hate is only conquered by love.


  • Augustus

    Reminds me of Rap music. Consistent theme.
    Offers way to fix the problem presented.
    Could offer more concrete way to fix.

  • yungxoch

    So godamn true.

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