Just A Thought

These haunted dreams which I hold dear

are ghosts within my mind

Reminding me of better days

in another place and time


I can't escape the tortured past

with all these vivid thoughts

And everything explodes inside

from all the pain it's wrought


I've tried to leave them in the past

but failed another try

So I embrace the hurt and pain

with tears I hate to cry


I've asked the Lord to take my life

but still I roam these halls

A shell of who I use to be

these memories on the wall


So all that I look forward to

is finally being free

To take my final breath I feel

that's all that's left for me


  • taylerdk21

    oh my. it's dreadfully sad, yet wonderfully write. I felt an ache in my heart just reading it. you're an amazing poet and keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Jeff

      Thank you so much for your time to comment...I really appreciate it

      • taylerdk21

        no problem

      • Tony36

        Powerful write sad as it may be

        • Jeff

          Thank you Tony for your time to comment...I appreciate that

          • Tony36


          • Augustus

            Yes, embrace the hurt, pain and depression. Recognize these, feel them and allow them to pass through. Then do something positive and enhancing. Nicely done.

            • Jeff

              I appreciate your time to comment...thank you

            • notapoet

              Wow! What a powerfully moving piece Jeff, really enjoy reading your work.

              • Jeff

                Thank you for your time to comment...I most certainly appreciate it

              • Poeta de Cabra

                Amazing write, very sad but incredibly written. wonderful rhythm and flow

                • Jeff

                  Thanks for your comment...I really appreciate it

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