Once we used to talk

Why do I speak?

Spoken words silenced,

My human voice no longer heard.


Verbal communication obsolete!

Replaced by this small device

Whose buttons I now push

To spell out my thoughts and words

To deliver my now digital voice.


Emotions sent and received

Via bits and bytes

Through the cyber space

of our now wireless existence.


Uploading and downloading our virtual desires

And deleting our unwanted emotions

Like a no longer used program.


Our need for physical human interaction

Sent with a click straight to the recycle bin

And then quickly emptied as not to be reminded

Of the reality of our own betrayal…….



  • Augustus

    Here is a 'digital' high five.

    • notapoet

      Much appreciated!

    • Tony36

      Here is another digital high five

      • notapoet

        Thank you very much

        • Tony36


        • lovedud

          Like this poem a lot, reflects on the current state on the human pop. Very well done.

          • notapoet

            Thank you, appreciate you taking time to comment.

          • Emile Dubois

            Amazing commentary upon the de-evolving nature of humanity.

            • notapoet

              Thank you for the read and taking time to comment.

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