Money Maker


I don’t view wealth as something that validates my intelligence


At a certain point in time, money seems to be meaningless and it ceases to be the goal, while the success and achievements turn out to be what really counts


I am a Money Maker but making money is not my only hopes of independence because the only real security I will have to acquire in life is a reserve of experience, knowledge, and understanding with the ability to overcome any life situation


I believe money won’t create success but the freedom to make it will certainly bring success 


Every day of my life, I try as much as possible to plant a good seed to ensure tomorrow’s success


One of the best art a man can make in his life is to simply live the life he has chosen to live


I am not really motivated by money, what motivates me is the need for a marketplace to validate my contributions and intelligence cause the future belongs to does who know where they belong to


From my life experiences and also having a degree in Business Administration nurtures me to realize the fact that getting money is not all a man’s business to cultivate, an act of kindness and also engaging in social responsibilities are the valuable part of business  


Kindness and the will to impact expresses a great possession of  wisdom and Knowledge…….



  • Author: Biz Boss (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 15th, 2016 16:47
  • Comment from author about the poem: One of the earlier rap music I wrote in my life when I was a teenager was "Money Maker, Paper Chaser" Lots of friends and family loved the track, even my mum cause the were the only fans I had then and also I spilled real rap hardcore lyrics in it about getting money . The more I grow older the more my thoughts about life changes and see things from a new and different perspective. now I believe money won’t create success but the freedom to make it will certainly bring success that's why I work hard every day hoping for a brighter day to come when I can get to achieve my goals and ambition in life.
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  • Augustus

    Money does not bring happiness but it sure makes life a whole lot easier. Great that you are taking measure of yourself. If you have not already, find someone you admire and ask that they mentor you. Do the same for someone younger when you are older.

    • DamilareBizBoss

      Thanks for the comment Augustus. My mom has always been my mentor and i learnt a lot from her when i was growing up. i try as much as possible to also impact growing minds around me, laying down a Legendary Discipline for them to follow.

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