Sensitive and Fragile Hearts


Every true relationship I had made my heart more Sensitive and more Fragile which made me much more likely to fall in love again


A broken heart torn me apart and brings nothing but Tears and mass confusion

My Heart has been wounded a lot of times so please be gentle and Treat my heart carefully


When our hearts breaks, We can at times lose ourselves


The love we feel for each other can be forever, It doesn't have to end this way


Our sensitive and fragile hearts need to heal, please let's make sure these hearts are mend


When our hearts are healed and mended, our lives will be so bright like the morning light


Whenever I close my eyes within a glimpse, I feel you presence very close to me


Even through all the distances, I still feel you near and you are always on my mind


No matter the distance between us, we are still together and will always be together in the heart


The future is now and we can see its very bright so let make our emotions a love lasting forever.

  • Author: Biz Boss (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 17th, 2016 04:25
  • Comment from author about the poem: I don't think I will ever build up a relationship with someone else if I break up from this present relationship. my heart has been broken so many times and I just don't want these emotions I feel inside me to slow me down from my progress in life... if things continue like this then I think I will have to give up on love for some time and wait for the right person to come at the right time..
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  • Augustus

    Yes we can still be friends, and give our hearts a chance to heal before taking on another commitment. Thanks.

    • DamilareBizBoss

      You're welcome and I really appreciate your comments.

    • Tony36

      Great write

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