Free write 1

Black hoodies
Black shirt
Black vans
All black brands
Its my style that i like
To wear and i shop online once i get paid in advance
If i had a mill I'd buy my mama a house and then have a trip to France
Explore the world with my fam and whole crew while we have the chance
This life is too short 
So I'm setting myself some goals and future road trip plans
Im only 20 years old
With a dream and a talent
And i go by the name Reyes Alan
I grew up struggling to survive
So if you haters wanna test me and get in my way as i try to rise
Feel free to get in my way but don't feel surprised once you see your self laying in a white bed getting hospitalized
Im just stating that now
For who ever wants to cross the wrong lines
And disturb me and my homies as we grind
And try to create some dope music that can help better our lives
So before you hate
Learn to appreciate
And listen to what the lyrics mean
I aint no typical rapper trying to talk about fucking bitches and sipping lean
That shits over played and its getting cut off my scene
So let me do what i want and fulfill my dreams


  • DeathInGrey

    That's dope dude

  • Augustus

    Getting your message across with just the right amount of violence, not making the rap all blood and gore and hate. Your message is for more understanding of where you are coming from. There is a sense of what it is like to walk in your shoes. You got my attention even though I am not a rap fan.

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