#158-His Rival

The Devil in his eyes,

Always hidden by disguise...

For years, it's been visible to me,

But, apparently, no one else can see.

He calls me those awful names,

But I'm always taking the blame,

Even though I'm the one in the most pain!

I've said it many times before,

That he's permanently beaten me to the core.

Do I really have to go through this,

Time and time again,

Without even having one single friend?

He's almost 18,

With no job and no car.

He has one little sister,

With which he's left many scars.

"Abusive" isn't the right word,

He's MUCH more than that...

Little does he know,

Having a happy little sister,

Is something he'll always lack.

"Scared to death of him",

Isn't the right phrase,

Because he's hurt me in so many different ways.

I don't feel loved by him,

And I haven't for a while,

Because, for many years,

I was always defined as his rival...

I've never gotten the love from him that I truly deserve,

So, when treating me like this,

He's got some real nerve.

I'm not the only one he treats like shit,

He does it to our parents too,

So, when I say this,

Please believe me...

He's broken me in two.


  • Augustus


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