The Battle Between Night and Day


When I look into the bright full Moon

I always miss the Sun

Yes the Moon was a fun memorable tune

But the darkness around Him won


Yet when I feel the Sun's intense heat

And am warmed by His gentle rays 

I long for the Moon's dim light that's sweet

Despite His hurtful ways


The Moon can pull the ocean's tide

He is such a short distance away

But maybe his craters are too wide 

For me to be able to stay


The Sun can turn my pale skin pink

He brings life to me each morning

Strangely being this far from Him makes me think 

There is a reason behind my yearning


I can't live without the light of day

I can't live without the dark 

I can't live with the Moon's cratered ways

I can't live with the Sun so far



  • Augustus

    Lyrical rhyme
    Tells a story
    It's simplicity belies it's thoroughness. Thanks.

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