The Dyslexic Poet

Mirror me

I so often wonder if I'm real, by me I mean you, and by you I mean us as I study you unblinkingly. How do I feel so far removed from you, for you are me and all that I am. But your not me are you? Your an imposter, you stole me away. I was always me till you came. Now I stare on at you, trying to find the child I was. Lost forever in your eyes, entrapped in an icy heart. You forgot how to love, didn't you. You stopped caring, didn't you. How can you be that same child? The one who helped old ladies across the road, or the one who gave their coat to a homeless woman? Or brought a hat and scarf for a homeless man? Are you in there still? Or has this hatred killed you completely? Soften this heart again o Lord, for the world and its weight bares down on me, and like rock under years of pressure I have let myself become hardened.


  • Augustus

    We get enmeshed in relationships and loose our identity. Nice.

  • The Dyslexic Poet

    So true thanks x

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