You didn't write your wrongs

I lay up at night trying to figure out if I'm the one in the wrong or what do I do so wrong to you, I gave you my heart but it wasn't enough. I wonder if I didn't love you right or give you enough attention. I'm tired of thinking I'm wrong because you don't know real love when you see it. I've stayed and stayed only to hear sweet nothing's that aren't about nothing. I swear I love you but yet I still lay at night wondering what I did wrong. Was it my words or my actions I swear they were pure I only meant the best for you. But I don't want to lay up at night with tears rolling down my cheek while you turned up whispering the same sweet nothing's to the next girl. Lord knows I should of kept my heart because you didn't deserve it but now I'm seeing that I wasn't the one who was wrong. It was you, you were wrong! Everything you did was wrong. The lies you told me! The tricks you played with my head, heart, and feelings. You were the one who was wrong. I don't regret you but just know you were always the one that was wrong. 

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