Single tree

daniel dawes


I watch the light move across the land,

Gliding across the fields with ease,

Shades of green shifting constantly,

Darkness and light working together.


A single tree simply surviving,

Gracefully accepting all seasons,

Its deep roots keeping it grounded,

Its leaves allowing it to sing its song.


I watch its movement in the breeze,

I since its aliveness,

I feel its stillness,

I understand its far more than its label.


The invisible wind changes direction,

The sun falls behind the clouds,

It becomes colder,

The senses pick this up but the stillness remains.


A thought passes through my mind,

A simple question, 

I choose to follow it,

It simply sits in my awareness.


What is this stillness?

That does not change with the environment,

That is unaffected by thought,

That senses the sensations.


I look back to the tree,

The awareness looks back at myself,

The mirror begins to reflect the same thing,

I thank the tree for its lesson.


  • Author: daniel dawes (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 22nd, 2016 11:55
  • Category: Nature
  • Views: 35


  • jemina

    ...and I thank you for this lesson 😀
    seeing as I'm constantly in a whir, getting more and more unaware of myself everyday... I'm turning into a blur amidst the blur... 😀

    interesting the way you've spun this poem nicely

  • Augustus

    I wonder about stuff like that at times. Man lives for 50-100 years and gets to move around and think. Some trees live motionless for thousands of years--with or without thought.

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