The Fighter 2


She knew she was beautiful

Full of style

Full of grace

Her laughter

Put a smile on everyones face


She had a darkside

She kept hidden

A dark past of

Brokeness and disgrace




She believed his lies

Those lies

Almost cost her her life


She fought to survive

The situation she was in

As he beat her time and again


Broken bones

Broken nose

Blood spilt in his rage

She fought through the hurt

She fought through the pain


A black Eye

A beaten in face

Tossed around like a rag doll

She however

Stayed her pace


Jab after jab

Punch after punch

A kick here

A bite there


She finally fought her way to be free

However the damage was done

That all could see


She wears the scars as a badge

The bruises mark will heal in time

She does not look back with shame

She does not regret what she did

She fought to survive

She did not run

She did not hide


Life is a classroom

Sometimes the lessions

Are hard to take

She stands tall

She stands proud

After all she has gone through

To be the woman she is today


She still thinks she's beautiful

She is still full of grace

Dispite the scares

That monster left on her face

  • Author: Tony36 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 22nd, 2016 12:01
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • DeathInGrey

    I really enjoy this

    • Tony36

      Thank you

    • AlitaOpal

      This made me feel so emotional, I know it's real and it's going on somewhere, happening anywhere and it's done discreetly.. But you cannot hide the bruises let alone the pain.. I really did feel what you wrote..


      • Tony36

        Thank you

      • jemina

        Sad but true... bruises may heal but scars especially emotional tend to weave themselves into every passing thought and spill over into dreams too.
        ..Soulful and well pieced...XX

        • Tony36

          Thank you

        • Augustus

          Tough woman. Lucky to be alive. Thanks for sharing.

          • Tony36

            Thank you

          • angelinah

            I really like this!!

            • Tony36

              Thank you

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