Daily Struggles

Lord I've grown so weary since 

my life got out of hand

These trials and tribulations are 

just more than I can stand


How much longer must I wait 

for the life I choose to live

And how long must I pay you back 

for all the things I've did


Must I suffer through this life 

just a victim of the game

Most times it seems I'll leave this world 

with nothing but the pain


Although I struggle constantly 

with demons I can't shake

I pray each night before I sleep 

that tomorrow I will not wake


Lord I hope you hear my plea 

and grant my final wish

Whatever life is after death 

can't be as bad as this


I've done my best to face them all 

and take it like a man

But now I've grown too weary since 

my life got out of hand


  • Augustus

    Another out of the park. Reading out loud initially I thought "demons I can't shake" would read better as 'can not shake'. But the way you have it works better with the following line---"tomorrow I will not wake". Thanks for sharing.

    • Jeff

      Thank you for your comment....I certainly appreciate it

    • WriteBeLight

      I hope the Lord does not answer the plea because think of all of the great work you have left to write and we would miss! Wonderful, but sad, write.

      • Jeff

        I really appreciate your comment and thanks for taking the time.

        • WriteBeLight

          Welcome. You are a wizard with words🤓

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