Shadows In the Dark

With peace a distant memory 

and love so far removed

I fear I must retreat inside 

the sanctum of my tomb


As tortured voices call to me 

I ponder at the door

Shall I release my hold on life 

of this I must implore


Since forgiveness seems so silent 

and my sorrows seem so loud

My thoughts escape detection as 

I face the maddening crowd


But hope remains my company 

as darkness turns from light

All my dreams have disappeared 

like birds thats taken flight


I marvel at the mysteries 

which shadows ushered in

The halls of pain within my Hell 

have started once again


I scream surrender in my soul 

with nothing left to prove

With peace a distant memory 

and love so far removed


  • notapoet

    Wow! what an incredible write!! Flow structure and content pulls you right in and carries you through this amazing piece. Love your work.

    • Jeff

      I'm glad you like it..Thanks for your time to comment

    • ron parrish aka wordman

      this is a great and profound write !

      • Jeff

        Thank you...I appreciate your comment and your time

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