Our differences

Sometimes I wonder whether you're too good for me, 

You're nice to everyone and treat everyone the way no one would treat you,

I've seen the true colours of many people and I wish you would too,

You think everyone is nice,

I don't think everyone is nice, 

See the difference?

I tell you to stop talking to that girl that acts like someone she's not,

But you say you don't want to act like a bitch to people like I do,

What you don't know is that I know who to treat nicely and who to treat like they don't exist,

I'm not going to go after people cleaning up after their shit.

I care for you and I love you,

And I don't want to see you hurt by some bitch,

People will use you until they've had enough of you,

See the difference?

I know this but I wish you did too,

I love you baby more than anything in this world,

I wish it was you and me against the world, 

But apparently you get bored easily and look for something new,

I feel like our differences will tear us apart, 

I feel like you'll let people get in between us,

I'm sorry if I'm not good enough for you,

But please baby girl,

I care for you.


  • Augustus

    sounds like a very loving person. We either accept people for who they are or leave. Yet I understand your paternal instincts. Nicely done.

  • Edward Charles McDevitt

    Wow jaybob. I'm impressed. Not your typical poem, I do however get the message and, you express it so well. That's what is so unique about this site. All the different writers and how they go about their words and how it comes across to others!!! Well written my friend!

  • Alf W

    I see a long time has gone by since you wrote this poem, so am hoping things are good between you. You description, and the resultant poem, tells a story. There cannot be many folk like your girlfriend. She has a heart of gold, pure integrity and doesn't treat people as they treat her. She is a standard to live up to, not to break down. A person after God's own heart. Treasure her. I love your poem.. so intense but also so well written.

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