The breaking of a spirit, or someone's will.
Is it noticeable? Are there obvious signs?
Joylessness, lethargy, indifference, more still.
Blank faces, tired statements, "it's ok", "I'm fine"s?
Instead of wasting time, you physically feel time wasting you.
The fact is you know that, and simply don't care.
Living or dying makes no difference anymore,
In fact, living is relegated to being a chore.
Death, instead of scary and full of fear,
Becomes something to which you just want to be more near.
Emotions are gone, expect hopelessness and depression.
Going through life in a pitiful cycle of solemn processions.
Whether things get done or not,
Who really cares.
Laying in bed all day is fine, just more failures avoided, the disappointing of people spared.
Things once interesting are now dull,
Hobbies ebb away,
Thoughts of death and doom fill the skull.
Why wake up? Why do anything? Nothing matters anymore.
Life no longer has any allure.
Autopilot is engaged, and there it stays.
Continuously thinking of how to end our days.
No future, no options, no choices, no plan in sight.
Surviving the day, just to suffer at night.
Alone with our thoughts slowly kills us evermore
No reason to look forward to tomorrow, we've heard it before.
It'll get better. Oh really? How and when?
Everything is worse than it was back then.
But people will say just to keep going and give life a try.
However it's impossible when your answer to that question is simply: Why?


  • ShadedSorrow

    I find this poem to be a perfect view of my outlook on life. Very good poem.

  • WriteBeLight

    Perfect title. A very sad, but very well-written piece.

  • Tony36

    Great write

  • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

    I agree, although extremely dark and negative it was very well written.honesrky...depressing poetry is highly acclaimed ..people love it and eat it up..life experiences too..so, this kind of work will attract the right readers and the rest imif them may skim over it but won't keep them reading..great job writing it..you can't please everyone no matter what u write

  • Jayhawk51

    Thanks everyone. I just posted a spoken word style work. Again, please continue the feedback/comments.

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