Samreen Chowdhury

Trust and Connection

She sits next to me
We smile and have laugh
Time clicks we name Eachother our "other half"
Years pass
Remember the times we threw snow
The times we both cried
Tears flowed
The times where it was warm and cold
We have a bond
It's been so long
By heart we recognise
Close our eyes through disguise
Biding the emotions
Breaking through like dust
You my friend are someone more than any lush
As we divide in place with the earths crust
Problems occur we have eachother in our arms
The alarm rings
We come to an aspect of they weren't the real things
When betrayal bites your back
This is where your confidence lacks
Where hurt
Our hearts broken,lost the peace within us
Until we realise this is the beginning and the end of the chapter
Here I am with my 'great' friend again
For all I know she is the person I will forget
My time pass is upon this person
One day again
I will open the curtain
Remember your life's a story
Just smile and admire the glory.

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