In the masses, they march

Elusive to the beat

Bearing onto another the subliminal

Done by their Rapture of intricate force
........yet a deception over the eyes

In a dirty beautiful disguise kindred to what is known

It was only fantasy, vibrations with the weather

Aiming to revolt yet they surrender

In a haze, another brick is built up

Grasping at what is left of the roots

Only came here to seek out peace

Considerately, killing the brilliance

They obeyed, in a torment of what is now consumption

March as they will with the pigs and remove as they dare the wool

Aiming towards the vast ascension

In contrast, divided we stand, united we may fall

                                                            In the Emptiness of All.


  • Augustus

    I want to revisit this and study it some more.

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