LOVE Me Read; Mommy! I'm Special...

I whistle into the mind of Zenith… it begins to sting as if a B. line of successful revenge can be pierced by punctuation; penetrating it is to exclamate the way I mentally fornicatethe change; a shift of paradigm, can quarter the back side of any attacker. laid out to dry, the one eye at the tip of my over grown intuition… I am drained by the ones that read without sufficient permission, up and above, down below they listen in order to blow… my ego is stroked as for my attacker; chokes due to the size that matters the least in an urination competition; numerically they count illusion to measure the length of confidence, counterfeit and pathetic it is to be confident with empty hands… and hallow heads, take a deep breath for the amount of inches given can be more than average when indeed erected with a lust for necrophilia, I fornicate the dead… I compete with no artificial intelligence… Belligerently; I AM brilliant, B side to my off track madness, a crazy train, derailed, B. RITE I claim to be as for those that continue to labor under a Name’ Soul Great prior to the beginning of day labor they attend to my success… suck me dry vampire like creature, an airborne rat that fiends for the Blood of KING… drip per drop I can see it drip from the lips of those that refuse to stay shut, open wide for a wide load.       I grant no even exchange for the lack of respect, I declare more out of VAR than I do in a competitionless sleaze that has not been blessed post sneeze… highly allergic to ignorance I rub one out my one eye and release more emotional damage… as for my attackers their attention lacks value, pay the price; cost of living as low as they come; prostitute the payment, addicted to King, I can see, I can not relate for I AM astray, left behind and away from those distracted by The Light, supposedly, allegedly… admit the lost and lose with pride, a sore rear end loser never appreciates being scored… more than they can afford to lose with each mourn they wake post being mentally fornicated forcefully by my foreplay… cats out the bag, the big ones back the litter is thin, a runt, a riff rat.       It begins to finish where it all started in between a rival from sibling to enemy… I have created warfare, New Found Battlegrounds “(MIND FOR A MIND) have converted into a cemetery like environment, dead bodies every where, now here, nowhere to be found…       Far fetched yet spontaneously similar in birth, identical in description for they are both bare. Stripped of dignity and self respect… they continue to place ignorance before honor. With an undressed eye Zenith; you are burnable, and vulnerable to stare down no need to whistle when my mind is the color of read, I am blushed to be… either way you leave me no choice, I must attend to your weakness and release another load; overly stalked, prying eyes see how I turn the tables and change your mind without permission, so I highly suggest with out warning, STFU… better yet Swallow The Fist Upwards… rear ending with a fetish like action, do not release fecal mass at the short end of my scepter… it may cause more damage than expected.       Believe me; you… I mourn post each dream that one sun rise you will change the way you speak out of term… Vertigo never learns, obsessed with the burn, she craves the tip of my wick… let sink in, my shipwreck has rear ended yet another exit with breaking and entering! As I melt in ones mouth I taste like Vistory… no load off my back, an arrogant upload into the mouth left open by my brother Zathaniel Orionz that yawns inconsiderately with out back handing his own boredom… a mouth left open and uncovered can leave one to assume that a one way ticket has been bought for a one eye’d monster that can not wait to take flight into unmarked territory. Mark my word… sadistically S.A.D what has been Read can not be changed… post purchase an over due debt; keep the change you filthy animal!


  • Tony36

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