Plasmana, the vampirette

was invited to the annual ball 

by Count Shevesky who was 

handsome and six-feet tall. 


It was held in his castle high 

where vultures flew nearby

eyeing the guests with beady eyes, 

waiting for someone to die. 


Women and their escorts dressed in finery, 

as they stepped out of their horse-drawn carriages, 

the  ball was a  romantic setting for single ladies 

who dreamed of rich and lasting marriages.


The ballroom was full of waltzing dancers, 

women wearing tiaras or crowns,

swept away with their charming partners 

as their silk slippers peeked under their gowns. 


When Plasmana entered the ballroom near, 

the music stopped and not a hush 

was heard from the attendees,

her exotic beauty turned the men into mush. 


After some time  the music continued, 

men kept staring at Plasmana the beauty, 

all wanting to propose and love her forever, 

overcome by a mesmerizing duty.


Count Shevesky stepped forward 

and gently took her black-gloved arm, 

he too was engulfed with her sensual looks, 

and totally smitten by her wondrous charm. 


They danced all night and he was hypnotized 

by her penetrating dark and beauteous eyes

as he held her tightly he dreamed she was his wife, 

totally worshipping this woman not knowing her guise.


The clock in the grand hallway struck midnight,

Plasmana's face was stricken with fear 

as she fled from the arms of the Count so suddenly, 

running as if a hunter chasing a deer. 


Empty arms and no Plasmana,  the Count chased 

after her  through the massive front doors, 

only to discover her empty gown on the ground, 

and a vampire bat flying towards the moors. 


Each year when the ball is held in autumn, 

Count Shevesky looks longingly at the front door 

for Plasmana the most exquisite woman he ever knew,

wanting to catch her essence once more. 










  • Author: Summersounds68 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 8th, 2016 22:17
  • Comment from author about the poem: Watch out who you fall in love with.
  • Category: Gothic
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  • Augustus

    Neat story. Well written.

    • Summersounds68

      Thank you you, Augustus. I appreciate your uplifting comment.
      ~ Sonia

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