Byzantine Woman Scholar

Where the Nile bleeds into the sea

A menstrual glow nourished a seed of knowing.

Seekers found, learned, expanded and extolled

This seedling to sapling to timber to charisma

To a forest of math, music, astronomy and philosophy:

Beauty, verity and virtue unfold as jealousy eavesdrops.

Truth questions fable, myth and avarice while Theocracy  itches.

Authority plots, forges, condemns and excites

Treachery to bend limbs of maturity to the streets

Where sickened shells scrape bark from the living tree.

The cambium, its defense against decay is exposed.

Zealot nails are driven into her pulp with lust as

Branches are dragged, ripped and burned within the church.

Christ chokes on the fumes.

The smoke signals an exodus, a Diaspora.

The mist mutes womankind.

The vapor forebodes Seminal Dominance.

Menses flow to the dark ages.





Augustus / Folsom / October 2016


  • lysistrata

    Please note, It's HYPATIA.
    I find your Poem very interesting,but I need a bit of Time to consider your thoughts...
    Why don't you write about American History ?! I need to learn,too.

    • Augustus

      Thanks for your sharp eyes. As for my reasoning: A friend of mine from Columbia posted on Facebook an article from a local paper about a movie entitled "Aurora", based on the life of Hypatia. The movie was never released for fear of anti Christian sentiment. I was so taken with her story and the aftermath that I just started writing about it. Also I wanted to experiment in a different composition. She was like tree of knowledge to which scholars were attracted.
      American history? Not sure where the muse will take me next. Thanks so much for your interest.

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