Stranger at My Window


Stranger at My Window

By: Michael Vanderhoof


When I was just a child about the age of ten,

A stranger came to see me, but not a day since then.

Her hair was gold like sunshine, that glistened in the moon,

A most intriguing visit, as I lay here in my room.


I wasn’t really frightened for her smile it seemed so true,

So, I opened up the window, it seemed the thing to do.

Her voice was very pleasant, as she asked if I could play,

I asked about tomorrow, around the middle of the day.


Her face then turned to sorrow as she turned and walked away,

I begged her for a moment, and told her she should stay.

Then I crept out through the window, and she began to smile.

I told her I could play with her, but for just a little while.


I walked with her up to the school, and we both began to swing.

We played and laughed, enjoyed our time, until the clock would ring.

The tower of Old St. Vincent’s, it told how late the hour,

Then she turned and looked at me, as if under some strange power.




I followed her into the woods, she stopped and turned around.

I thought this most peculiar, until I saw something on the ground.

A tombstone here among the woods, with no others here in sight.

And then she quickly faded here, in the middle of the night.


Now twenty years have come and gone, as I wait by this window glass.

Hoping very anxiously, for just a glimmer of the past.

Her friendship I so truly miss, the time with her divine.

My heart did break upon this night, my forever valentine.


  • Author: Michael Vanderhoof (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 9th, 2016 23:32
  • Comment from author about the poem: This was my second poem, and like the others, was a complete dream. This poem doesn't have a happy ending for the boy, who has for some reason been so captivated by his experience and can't seem to move on... In fact, I mention that he is still in the same house he grew up in as an adult. This poem also leaves everything to the readers imagination... Why did this girl pick this particular boy to visit? What purpose did she have for the visit? Why hasn't she ever returned? Why was her resting place all by itself in the woods alone? Then the biggest question... How did she die???
  • Category: Gothic
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  • Augustus

    Delightfully eerie. As the poem started out I thought the boy was being seduced sexually, or at least that is where my mind went. Turns our he was seduced emotionally, or better, he felt strongly toward this person and to this day misses her. Reads well.

  • Summersounds68

    Your poem definitely has a Gothic flair to it. I like the mysterious and ghostly theme which leaves me wondering what happened to the playmate who came by the window and disappeared within the eerie woods. This poem has good rhythm and flow. ~ Sonia

    • Summersounds68

      Vanabba, what we write about is what we have experienced somewhere along the line. Perhaps you will write a short story on your experience. It will certainly make a good read. All the best with your creative writing. ~ Sonia

    • SLR

      This is a little like a short story of mine. The little girl is murdered and left in the woods. Her body is never found. She tries to reach out to other people over the years, especially children because they're more open to accept paranormal situations. It was actually based on an old unsolved crime. I really like this post. Great flow.

    • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

      The poem is hauntingly beautiful, although dark and it holds the reader's attention till the very end, where there's a dramatic twist. A joy to read.

      Thanks for posting. 🙂

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