Who decided who I was?


Who decided who I was,

It certainly wasn’t me.

My parents gave me this name,

They decided who I'd be.


Who decided who I was,

Who gave me this body,

A brain with intermittent function,

Really its just shoddy.


Who decided who I was,

Gave me a brain that over thinks,

Doubting everything around me,

Really that just stinks.


Did you decide who I was,

Is it you that gave me purpose,

If you know my role in life, I implore you,

Please, just let it surface.


Can I decide who I am?

Find my own path,

There are things about myself I know I cannot change,

But I thought I'd ask.


I know the answer to these questions,

But I ask them anyway,

Hoping that for someone reason they change,

And you say what I want you to say.


But I cannot decide who I am?

The decisions are made before birth,

Decisions no one can control,

Decide my place on this earth.


I cannot decide who I am,

The decisions were yours to make,

So I ask you all Mighty God,

Is it possible, you made a mistake?      

  • Author: DD. (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 10th, 2016 09:31
  • Comment from author about the poem: I Showed this poem to my mother, said it was ironic, she missed the message completely, or maybe i missed her point of view, either wa i am reluctant to show her any more of my work
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  • Stephanie Showers

    I love the premise of this write. Nicely done!

  • Tony36

    Awesome Awesome write

  • Augustus

    Makes you wonder, sometime.

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