The 2 A.M Writer


I got no idea where I am

Yet I keep on stumbling

Like the old drunk you were,

I walk with blurry vision and a sugar coated heart

Guess I carry your old chip in some way


More and more the sand blinds

But even my headaches won't stop me

Sinus pressure, hopeless love

One more foot and I'll be off the cliff


Clock take me back to it

That one peaceful memory

There we go, calm lake and no winter

But again my face falls flat

These cornfields stretch and blur,

But I guess I'll keep going on



  • Summersounds68

    Your poem seems so full of tension. It is difficult to compare it to cornfields. You must be an abstract thinker. Headaches can be caused from tension. There seems to be some relief when you mention the calm lake and no winter. An ideal tranquility which I sincerely hope you find before long. All the best, Sonia.

    • The 2 A.M Writer

      The "Cornfields" name is derived from the feeling of having no idea of where you're going or what your doing. Like walking through a set of cornfields. Felt like a more odd name, almost kinda comical given the nature of the poem.

      • Summersounds68

        Another way to experience feeling lost would be trying to find our way out of a maze. Since you explained the use of 'cornfields,' I understand were you are coming from. Thank you for responding, Sonia.

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      • lysistrata

        NOT bad,but have you softened?!
        Or is it my false impression!?
        Have you ever listened "CLOUD RIDER" or any other of Paul Kalkbrenner's acts?
        Tonight If the weather allows us & haven't Broken a leg or my head,I'll check OUT ARVE HENRIKSEN & JAN BANG.Keep Writing 🆒

        • The 2 A.M Writer

          While this is a more bittersweet tone, It does have the darker tone underlying with the feeling of not having any idea of what you're doing. Calling back to almost total apathy, which is also common theme in my writing

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