We were so far,

The day we first met,

But we came so close,

And now there's a break.

You came so close,

To pushing me over.

And I came so close,

To swinging back around.

I'm falling deeper and deeper,

But every time I hit the ground.

You watch me.

You watch me as I fall.

I try to explain,

But it's like talking to a wall.

You don't understand.

And you don't really care.

I'm sorry I broke your heart,

I’m sorry for feeling the way I do,

Just not towards you.

You don't understand,

How hurt I am.

I'm trying to push you above water,

While I’m being pulled back under.

I'm trying to save you,

Because I'm too far gone.

Even though all of this,

All of this, is killing me.

I'm really cutting close.

Cutting close to breaking off,

And fading away.

Fading into to coexistence.

Fading away from reality.

Fading away from you.

But all this time,

You've been the only thing,

I've had left,

To hold onto.

But all this time,

You've also been,

The reason,

I'm fading.


  • Angel Smileyface

    Nice poem i love the write

  • Tony36

    Great write

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