Running From

By Arcassin Burnham

Sitting in sin, 
Would you think it's a lie if I said I was fine?
I result to nothing and nowhere, 
Young and scared of the world and living in
the same boring environment, 
Swear that it's not fair, 
Wishing I had it better than this,
That stern feeling in my stomach makes me hurl
a bit,
Chasing different cosmos in the sky with the flick of
my wrist I can make them turn red, 
Seeing what the future holds in the midst of it all
Swear my feeling will be fed,
I am nothing , i am condensation,  a cloud, 
Floating above your head,
Swear I gotta look out for my day ones looking for an
Ordinary life without crossing the guns.....
Like what ya' runnin' from?
Wise enough to know that I don't even gotta stomp,
When I get mad , use to be a phase even in itself when I've chased
Long enough for relaxation and a chance to be a sensation to this
Writing thing that I display in every way fighting for days,
My folks don't care about what I do,
And when I sit through every highlight I wish I was in Hawaii by now,
19 years of the same old things in my life I could really do without,
You're claiming that you're struggling but you laughing at me is not
Gonna get you a way out,
It's not....

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