XERO 10 A Planet Unknown A Story Untold imagined, theorized, partly written, and typed by: King B. Rite - The Poet/Psycopath

XERO 10 A Planet Unknown A Story Untold imagined, theorized, partly written, and typed by: King B. Rite - The Poet/Psycopath


Vertigo - The Queen; constellation in The Starving Sea
Nataz Phere - The Majesty: constellation in The Starving Sea
Insignia - The offspring of the Queen

Blew - blue rabbit; curious, confused and non-cautious
Read - red rabbit; inscribes with dedication and determination
Write - white rabbit; reads woefully wrong
No Names - dead souls
Slaves - The Unspeakable; speechless
Whisper - winds that whistle; positive conscience
Whistle - winds that whisper; negative conscience
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, & Ti - INTRUSTUS: Lost spirits; musically inclined
Promise - multicolored swan; fierce reaper
Time - air born turtle; adviser of experience
Dido1, 2dido, Dido3, 4dido, Dido5, 6dido, & Dido 7 - The Unheard/The Rest: white sheep; asleep
Kast - black sheep; insecure and vengeful
Blood - red owl; feared predator
Abakiss - pink sheep; deceitful, selfish, cunning, wicked, untrustworthy, ect.
Truth - silver tiger; trustworthy ally


(XERO-10) will soon begin in me; The mind of Insignia, before the life of... Which I have yet experience the pleasure of losing, yet a gain. Even then, it will continue to with hold the key to unlock INSINITY. Nonexistence beyond the outer limitlessness of imagination. I take place in an uncounted moment lost in eternity, Forever waiting to be found. Some where in between the birth of (XERO-10) 'A Planet Unknown; A Story Untold' and "The Death of Me"; An unread testimonial confession written in innocent blood... There is an experience dying to live. Breathless with no hope, An immaculate heart begins to speak with a tongue far from the words that you read. Soul to speak is a soul to reap... Instantaneously loving everything that is seen, I patiently believe in the belief of a dream.
...with permission, I will allow myself to re-begin before the new end.
After the life of which i have yet lived... will be a most devastating experience, this i do remember. Over dramatically, I will explain with my fullest potential... Way back towards the direction opposite of where I'm headed and where I have originated, prior to when I began to become more than just a figment. Before the beginning of Insingia's life ever existed. an unfair affair had been engaged. The indecency, immoral acts of love caused the reckoning of hate to rise with a willing hand to disobey. Dishonest, disloyal and disregarded in the least. The lack of chastity influenced the lack of apathy, with no sympathy for royalty; the respect of life was ignored. Carefree; I was put in a position of giving into intuition. A death wish to live, cross my heart... i do indeed hope to possibly terminate the dead with ambition; may their souls be saved by the hand of forgiveness, before one forgets how to forgive. With what i write i am literally free to think with liberation. The details of the following description are absolute, Truth be written in such a manner of explanation and moment of gold handed down to be told... for generations after another.
Past the darkness of silence from once i came; i made a deadly wish of a promise to keep from being unveiled and exposed to contamination. Easily broken by temptation and seduction i evolved from victim to victor. Now an evil secret redressed as words to confess have been altered; my pointless existence is now a meaningful attempt to save a distant tragedy. I'll live by my word, I'll die by my word. To be reborn in purgatory, forced to write another unforgettable story. Born a slave and practically dead; as my own addiction, I am by far as free as i claim to be.
A life with out the momentum of a pendulum...
...Empty space occupied by nothing; A void waiting to be filled, Doesn't exist. No mind to matter or body of mass. Vacant and anxious to be attacked, A thought of consideration is given to a dependent heart in the shape of a compass. The idea of non-other will invade the innocents of internal bliss.
Vertigo incubates a process pending; I intend to progress with what has been left, Innovated history. Present to whom it may concern the least; i am a pre non-existing seed. Unplanted; soon to be... More than i can possibly imagine to see or even think. Lack thereof... No thought.
Purposely meant to be forgot; to remember how to forget to forgive.
Deep down buried beneath the soul of myself; Insignia is the root of evil... with that being known i will write the birth of (XERO-10) 'A Planet Unknown; A Story Untold'. The beauty of a brutal truth; written with depictions by a beast in order to be set free. I will begin to feed with every intention of being released from captivity. To be left untold and unknown... would be payable on death; A punishment i fear. the ultimate torture, i refuse to endure. Morbid as I am; an isolated ghost i proceed to be, I'm captive within the shadow of my soul. I'll never let it go, until the spirit leaves and taken to relief.
Before the rebeginning unfolds to be wrote and well known, the origin of the new end must be acknowledged and written; established before INSINITY began; after the fact it begins, a relationship unravels in the stars above. Practical magic is the offspring of miraculous marvels.
Vertigo; a celestial queen of distress, Starving for true affection. she encounters the benevolence of a king. Untainted pristine, drowning in his own passion for pride, pain, and pleasure to claim the rights to power. Nataz Phere; The Majesty of infatuated felicity infiltrates the infidelity of Vertigo's infinity with affinity. An infectious disease is now unleashed with prestige. Long love lives at last in the chemicals between reaction. A theory of relativity began in the relations of unity, To become one. A collection of unconscious constellations connect with kingdom come as they combust... At the feet of The Majesty a beloved lady of belief embraces the beauty of her beast. Vertigo bows before her king with desire; cupidity. A kiss is given to defeat enviousness deceit, compassionate with fury. The center of their attention; undivided as it is their attraction begins to react, bodies of mass interact...
Physical spirit and mental ability battles in between emptiness to entrap entrust. Unbroken boundaries conceive within complexity. A mixture of a kindling existence collaborate in unopened space, A sphere occupied by a massive mind; Self illuminating with an infamous flame. A fearless body of mass constructed to self destruct, attached to Vertigo; the sky above. Forced to grow; Vertigo embraces that she has become an oracle to an astonishing orb. Parallel universes are compelled to coexist. The pre-existing romance of deities have chemically planned the creation of sand. The timeless life of Insignia has began; To rebegin the new end... INSINITY.
...With eyes wide open and mouths completely shut the ora of satisfaction became the results of intercourse...
The penetrating puncture in between the center of a most precious invaluable place caused an intergalactic infection. The feeling of unnatural pain was soon to be the reward of a forbidden pleasure, passion of a fruitful advantage will conclude; eventually X marks the spot to evolve. Insignia; the life of... created by the hand that feeds power of the mind.

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