The Doctor

Unnervingly, the concoction fizzed like a dying engine as the demonic doctor brought the glass to his cracked, wrinkled lips; his hand, shaking with crippling fear that weakened his frail bones.

With one regretted loud gulp, the toxins oozed down his crooked throat.


Silence… BANG!


The man nose dives like a broken ship out of orbit, A yellow froth corrupts the dead man's lungs. He begins to lose himself in the dark void surrounding him like a pack of rabid wolves; A cauldron molded in his raw stomach burns from the inside out. The heat is bullying, driving, but the white surrender is not yet flying, his body suddenly drives up like a man possessed yellow steaming froth still falling from his melted mouth begins to dissipate.

His neck cracks forward… His eyes jet black. His body, and mind, corrupted, never to be cleansed of its now forever unholiness, its existence is near sin in the horrified eyes of our shepherd.


  • Tony36

    Great write

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