Ghost Town

Standing in the among the ruins of what

Used to be a thriving little gold fever town

I swore I heard music and laughter coming

From the half-moon saloon, I walked around

But nobody could be found still I could of

Sworn I just saw a cowboy walk chasing

An Apache in a cloud of dust well I felt a

Chill run up and down my spine and it is a

Hot, hot day in August maybe it's the heat

And the sun getting to me, I’d say that if

I just didn't stumble up on crooked head

Man swinging from dead man's tree...

Apparently they don't call this a GHOST TOWN

For nothing, and they're everywhere, one

Here and one there, voices of the dammed

Keep telling me you will not leave this town

I try to run for my life but they gather around

Me and pull me to the ground, now here I am

Confused as I go stumbling around this

Cursed town, this GHOST TOWN...

Whose blood do you have on your hands...?

You stare off into space with cold and evil dark


Does the gun in your hand make you a man...?

Now what cowboy, now that I’m roped and tied

Surrounded by your hell hounds in this devil desert


Apparently they call this a GHOST TOWN just because



  • magno1988

    Amazing! Inspired!

    • moontigerntn

      thx for reading my poem - glad u like it.

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