Make Me Happy

By Arcassin Burnham

Like the little things in life that you the person need
To figure out,
Walking on a dream in tiny specs of recollects of
Buying cookies from these girls scouts,
I was like a red Corvette coupe ready to be smashed
Along with words,
Imagining the day I get away and fly high like these
Little aero birds,
Just make me happy like you do in any situation that
Like corrupted files , your mind is in a loop of being in
A cathedral Church,
The world's in ruins but you're worried all about the price of
Half off t-shirts,
Romance Couldn't get anymore stupider in every seasons
I would like to think I'm starting not to care and worry about
Some ass,
You could write a lot to these 1 minute and something something
Second songs,
People love manipulating me and getting off by telling me I'm
Make me happy......Make me happy......make me happy.


  • SilentLaugh

    Wow! This is great, where'd you get the idea. SO heart felt, it seems.

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