God of Wonders

God of wonders?

He crafted the galaxies:

stretching infinitely, rolling on forever in every direction, never to end.

He filled them with stars that are my thoughts,

distant, beyond reach, incalculable. 

He conquered death,


made the blind see and the lame walk again,

so why can I not see past the troubles of today?

I am a puzzle piece but cannot see the picture. 

I live moment by moment, second by second,

my heart to frail, too tired and my mind to numb to understand. 

I cry out to Him,

the Creator of all good things,

I know he hears me,

sees me, 

So why do I feel like I am grasping at something that just slips through my fingers like sand? 

Why do I feel like a lone planet, 

ever spinning in the galaxy He created 

surrounded with nothing but my thoughts?



  • Christina K

    This is awesome! I love it

  • ron parrish aka wordman

    touching write

  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Great longing cry to the Maker of all things, visible and invisible; the cosmic longing that stretches the hole in one's heart. Thanks for sharing your anguish. Know that you are not alone. That which you seek is indeed there; why else would your 'heartstrings' be pulled in that direction?

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