A soilders goodbye

Upon the brittle edge she lays
Her eyes in the soft moons haze
Her body so pure and glowing
Her hair like the river's flowing

When he looks upon her brow
And caresses her gentle sound
He indulges in pure desire
As his fingers feel of fire

I love you is all he says
Her heart longs for him to stay
As time stands still on this winters day
For with it come heated desires

I will love you forever from day to day
Or else fall into a pit of despair
Trapped by my lust in a cage
Like the blade by tarnished rust
For despair is all I know
And with it I shall stay

My eyes are only for you my love
As my heart shall guard your ways
For I am a fool for love
I drink it... a gentle desire

For I need you here with me tonight
Even if our tears fill the morning light
This is the last night with me
Why can't you see that they will call for me tomorrow?
They will call with no delay
And I will gird my sword with pure dismay and sorrow

But I will take both shield and arrow
To rain down fear and terror
They will flee from my sword
And flee from my spear
For only your love is worth a thousand deaths
Even if my soul must regret

But a thousand time... a thousand times with my might
I shall strike with no regret or regard
Until the last has meet his death
Until I return home for you my love

And home I shall come
To see your face
Not the field of death on which I shall lie
But next to you till mornings light

So with my shield on my arm and sword by my side
I shall fight my way to you
And they... the enemy...they shall fall
One by one two by two three by three
Until I am home and you are in my arms once again

So as she looks out thy windows pain
Her beauty that has me slain
A tear falls from her eyes
Each one a sign that she will wait
Till I'm home again tonight

I will come to thee I shall say
And kiss her one last time
One last good night
I will hold her as she hangs on tight

I will miss her eyes as deep and beautiful as a fallen star
That has now been filled with strife and terror
So as I let go one last time
One last whisper good night

With all my strength
And all my might
I leave her sight
With the last goodbye


  • Author: Wolf2778 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 24th, 2016 02:03
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is about a soilder saying goodbye
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  • Augustus

    This is so beautifully done.

    • Wolf2778

      Thank you

    • Christina8

      Very good poem. I love the rhyming style, Very descriptive in how hard it must be for a soldier to say goodbye.

      • Wolf2778

        Awsome thank youa

      • Melody

        Bravo...penned with passion safness and hope...truly lovely and haunting...

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