Soldiers pain

We see our troops that have gone a way
We see them as heroes from far away
We see them as honor
We see them as glory
Yet the one thing we do not see…
Is their pain

What pain they ask? With a hearty laugh
But look in their eyes
Look in their soul the loss they feel
To come to a place no longer their home
Their eyes reveal the torment that has been done to them

How you may ask…
Well then tell me how many men have you killed
How many times were you shot?
What great sound have you heard that indicated your doom?
What clock hangs above your head that tells the time you die

What have you done for this country?
Have you ever seen your friend shot and killed
A bullet to the head
To come home and say
I couldn’t save them

In honor they spill blood
In honor they kill
In honor they fight
And in honor they die

What father or mother
Sister or brother
Should have to say
We will miss you
We will burry you

To hear the horn play
The volley to hear in dismay
Left face…Aim…FIRE
Three time to see

Should you have to wait?
For that small call
That one paper holding his death
That small goodbye
Crouched in your heart
To never get that last goodbye

At least if they die here
With bullet, knife or cause
You get to see them
You get to love them one last time

Yet do you care…
That they come home
With shell shocked eyes
With the urge to hurt
With the noise of bombs
The noise of screams as their friends fall beside them
As they scream
As they die in their arms

The face we see is not of pleasure
Is not of at all
Is not the toll for their duty enough?

Yet some do not see this
Yes some just laugh
For when they come home
To only be hurled insults upon
To be picked and spit at
To be pointed at as killers
Who names were thrown to the wolves
Of false lies, dreams of truth they want to tell
Only to come out and have lies thrown at them

In darkness they whisper with false tongues
In shades they slither
They blame our troops for the death of innocence
When they were the one who the war they fight to protect
They claim our troops murderers when they them selves are victims...
Not by the choice they make.... To serve a war YOU wont fight
Or to have a leg or an arm missing

And when soldiers minds are hollow of guilt
When their gut clenches in disgust
When they come back quite as a mouse
When they yell to make the scream stop
Only for no sound to be heard

When will you all stop telling lies
When will you all listen to their stories
When will you all stop taking the men’s lives that are given
For granted... Stop taking their name and soiling them
Stop picking and prodding on things they themselves Wont talk about because of people like the press

Some have lost their minds
Yet some still have the wits
Some have lost their family
Yet some are still together

But to some
They who have lost it all
They are the heroes we see
And they fight for me
And whether old and grey
Or new recruits
In new or old uniforms
Pilots, soldier, sea men as well

From Britan to japan, Iraq and Iran
To all the service men
Women included
From the revolution to world war 2
And from Korea to Vietnam
All thru the age
All too today

For one came home
With all his pain
With a sadden heart
Filled with strife
Who is happy now
And an old man
Who is a great cook
And is a scary man with his love for us... his family

Yes to him and to all
From me and who all
We say thank you
For your bravery in serving
We say thank you


  • Tony36

    Awesome write, better than the poems I wrote about PTSD

  • Augustus

    Fortunately I spent my Vietnam time at a training base. I was lucky. Nicely done.

    • Wolf2778

      Thanks, and thank tou for your service

      • Wolf2778

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