10 to XERO; Ending Score

A fair warning for any other can be seen as a general token of appreciation, considered as a hiss; a mechanism of defense, an obsessive offense can dictate the taste of my confession; I claim VISTORY to be the flavor of my ejaculation: a New Found Salute to the breath I breathe. Insanity; I dig a selfish grave, I plan ahead and set goals to die with DIGNITY!

Each and every that once dared to double cross a line that was meant to be used as a barricade; not to protect the victim from the villain. More so to to keep the self portrayed hero away from the jurisdiction from the one who fears not a single soul. In order to obtain strength to stand in flames ablaze and raise the stakes upon a selfish like survival tactic in order to burn eternally…

Once a hero always self portrayed to be an elephant sized shadow in a room crowded with cowards; ego can be shrunk by any psychologist; as self portrayed psychopath; I wrap my limbs around my solid thought figment in a jacket like restraint that has me restricted to selfishly show concern for my own feelings, as I hug the drug that keeps me alive and well, I am addicted to my own existence! Before another hyperactive hypothetical egotistic; statistic prone drone self proclaims to know all that has made me what I am this exact moment… (all that has already been written precise premeditation and read with lack of dignity) …tries to interrupt my freedom to speech; I highly suggest ask the filthy reflection inside the glass that does not answer back that paints an imperfect picture that can easily be fractured by a society that asks more out of slaves than I do. Insecure and lack of confidence can cause one to purchase more than what is needed to survive…

The question of the dying day will be: “Explain to me in a quick, rapid reaction of critical observation “WHO ARE YOU”? in addition I must add to the equation: the question does not ask or in other words; rather not know of certain recreational activities that are occasionally routinize, often this particular question can be misunderstood by the mind, as one decides to include certain objects, locations, and/or types of entertainment… Favoritism is not a option to choose from for discrimination can be a hazard to ones health when all that is chosen is the fruit that rots in place… a body in motion has more right to revoke any motion due to the velocity of transportation, traveling through out space and moments collecting dust, accumulating an amazing amount mass! Astral struck or just shocked by therapy that has a electrifying way to show a strike is a strike! I can only advise if the one who is stumped; cut down to size with such question of a curiosity without being able to answer within a reasonable amount of moments to compare with the way false judgment against others is rapidly practiced… I recommend to take a moment to reflect your lack of awareness!

…as I quickly jump to conclusion prior to the almighty light shines down upon the deepest darkest corners of a rotating sphere that orbits around the center of attention, left ignored and astray only to excavate through a massive sized like ocean of matter… in order to prove that respect for The Sky Above no longer exist all the while hypocrites still exist as insects. They scurry when the switch is flipped…

Turned on?

By the way I erect my dictum into the mind of those that once took the chance to jump the gun… Ballistically; I’m insulted, literally embarrassed for the ones that have to come to the realization that all that they own materialistically is worth fecal mass that does not matter! lower than dirt… - King B. Rite - The Poet/Psychopath

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