Life On Hold


Time is passing so slowly.....  


Facing the future armed with uncertainty,

I pray the absence of normality makes everyday the same.

 No longer to deny my mistakes,

I know where to place the blame.


So I try to make the best of this situation,

stripped of all my dignity,

still I maintain my frustration deep within my mind.

 Behind these bars I am able to keep my sanity.  


For however long this must be,

my time will be spent focusing on tomorrow...

Forgetting about yesterday....

 while remembering to smile today


Please be gentle..... This was written back in 1992...while in jail facing a 50 year sentence. .. One of the first written. 

  • Author: Jeff (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 28th, 2016 07:36
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  • Christina8

    I like this poem. You're not blaming anybody else and yet you keep on going. A good attitude to have given the situation. Great write!

  • Jeff

    Thank you for your time to comment.... It's definitely appreciated

  • WriteBeLight

    I agree. Sorry you had to go through that though. Once again, excellent job.

    • Jeff

      Thank you.... I certainly appreciate your comments

    • Tony36

      Life's challenges makes one stronger. This poem shows that, Awesome Awesome write

      • Jeff

        Thank you Tony.... I certainly appreciate it

        • Tony36


        • Augustus

          We all do stupid stuff. I was lucky and never got caught. At some time in our lives we realize who is at fault. The tough part is forgiving ourselves. Nice write. Sending positive thoughts.

          • Jeff

            Thank you for commenting... I certainly appreciate it.

          • Jeff

            Thank you all for the comments...very much appreciated

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