Oh jest give it a rest

I don' t care about the size of your brests

Your personality that' s what counts to me

So please do not bother me

If you think sex is all I know

Honey you have a long way to go

To understand who I really am

Where it is I truly stand

Don't misjudge what you don't understand 

You don't know crap about this man


  • WriteBeLight

    I love the last line, in particular. You are a good guy!

  • Christina8

    Well what a gentleman! Good job on this one!

  • Tony36

    Thank you

  • Augustus

    Stuck a boob in your face did she. Sounds like she deserves what she gets, and she will likely have to take penicillin for it. Nicely done.

    • Tony36

      Thank you

    • Wolf2778

      Bro... I think you just hit the money mark on how all, REAL, gentlemen think and feel great work

      • Tony36

        Thank you

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