Suicide is NOT the Solution


When life
seems all
still don't
you loose
all scope
of hope
for there's
this thing
in the air
Reach out
for God's
sturdy rope.

For how
sure can
you be
death will
take you
to a better fate
What if
you are
into a


there's no
back at any rate!

In times of trials and tribulations invoke Him
Or your chances of contentment remain slim

You too
and above
all blame,
that you
wish for a
rosy life
for suicide
are usually so lame,
enjoy your
even so in

plan to
this act
just to
pity and
The pity
and regret
come and
Besides it
no decomposed
and a large
slice of
your life
may go

Why rush for thy grave,
for greater gloom
Suicide's ain't a way out
fellow human friend
Pray a godless way not
send you unto this doom
You haven't right to bring
any life to its end.

And it's probable that all
those years
that you now wish to
recklessly discard in dust
have something bright
ahead, got to be a ray of
Extinguish it not if in God
you trust!

  • Author: S.zaynab.M.V.Kamoonpury (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 30th, 2016 00:36
  • Category: Spiritual
  • Views: 75
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  • magno1988

    Very good insight!!! I feel like these options people may think when contemplating this act!

  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

    Thanx soo much poet.

  • Augustus

    I like God's sturdy rope.

  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

    Thanx soo much. Those who hope in God are good folks usually. Cheers.

  • My Dark Nature

    I thank you for creating such a great spiritual poem. i have a friend I know this poem would help.

  • willyweed

    a good message for those in distress. I can't imagine the good of that. nice work ww

  • Liam Lawless

    Amazing work, I love the ending of the second stanza, It was very dramatic.

  • littlegoat23

    This was beautiful.

  • paddy68

    Definitely thought provoking. Not sure of its beat so stuttered through. To be honest I only do rhyming and entered.

  • sonicpoet

    I liked this . As someone who suffers from depression and went through a hospital stay for suicidal behavior, I can say that many feeling of suicide can come from wanting the pain to end more than anything else. Yes there are those hoping to hurt others when they do it but situations are so different and depression is such an ugly monster that for some suicide really is the only way out that they see. Such is the power and fatality of depression which is why its the sickness it is. I enjoyed reading this.

    • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

      Hi dear , many are suicidal but faith and prayer in God can do wonders to solace and help . Warm thanx for comment

    • WildMoonChild

      Powerful and thought provoking!

    • SharonMoemise

      This poem hit home, cos I found myself in so many situations where I thought suicide was the only way out. It's a wonderful piece of poetry, that'll help a lot of others out there to make the right decision. Great writing!

    • Zwitterion

      sometimes words light up a darkness.

    • P.H.Rose

      Really good poem

    • 2 more comments

    • Gary Edward Geraci

      This is an ever pertinent message; most of us have lost at least one friend or family member to this evil - this suicide. You employ an engaging formatting with the left to right column alternations: created for me a beat (like a living heartbeat) and an ambience for your pro-life message of hope and vitality. I like your choice of the green color scheme. It also reminded me of the life observed during the spring growing season.

    • Florina77

      Very nice spiritual poem

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