Blind love

So confused right now man
Stuck in a mess that's increasing my stress but searching for gods bless
It's just so damn hard
I have this feeling I don't wanna get rid of but got me in so tight
So I'm just going to go ahead and talk about what's going on in my life...

Yeah ,
When you finally meet the person you need in your life
But you can't have her because she's already someone's wife
But for some reason you don't know how you and that person end up talking all night
She's telling me about how she's with a guy that don't treat her right
I don't know how or why but I listened to all her problems and gave her advice
Then one day we both accidentally stared at each other's eyes
And for some reason that moment felt so real at that time
Then we both started hanging out more and talked about each other's life
Sat in each other's car just to smoke a Blunt and feel the high
But what I felt was the love in our disguise
The little moments we had in our rides
It's so crazy how all this happened
Don't know if I'm in a random dream
Or don't know if I should even rather dream
I'm lost and confused
So I ask the lord for help and pray to the Virgin Mary
Too many great things happened to me in 2016
Don't know how or why
But oh man
I really do need answers
I can't afford to lose no more
I can't see me as an adult sleeping on the floor
I can't forever be under my parents wings
I gotta grow up and man up and do my own things
I gotta fight for what I want and need
And yes indeed I will succeed
I don't care what people gotta say because they don't know me
They don't know what I been through
But damn this feeling has me going crazy for you
I just feel it's real and it's the right deal that it heals everything i had scarred on my skin that it peels off
But damn my niggas seeing me in love telling me that I'm soft
But they don't see
What I see
Cuz they don't have my point of view
So I'm not going to stop trying
And if I lose
I won't shed no tears
And you shouldn't too
Because I know eventually if god wants we'll be together soon ....


  • CDiazp01

    Life brings people into your life and you always want to find a reason why. That's just a humanistic thing to do for us. But if you truly feel so connected to this person and she feels the same way then ask her about considering a divorce. That will really show you if shes just having a fleeing and wanting a simple distraction from her reality or if you're someone shes feeling. Now make the world yours and thrive beyond your own mental limitations. Your success lies within your own hands.

  • Christina8

    Good write. If it is to be it will be. Trust me, cuz I've been there, I was the married woman. It'll all work out if it's meant to be.

    • kingpoetic

      How did you manage to handle that situation?

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