On a unicorn night

On a unicorn night

When the stars are like mystery

And we can hear our blood

Hold my hand and I'll guide us through

Don't look behind pretty girl

Don't ever look behind

Because you'll see yesterday

And lose sight of tomorrow



  • Christina S

    I think this is a beautiful poem. I'll take note to stop looking back! One of your best poems.

    • hodgetiger

      Hoorah!! Thanks as always x

    • Tony36

      Awesome write

    • hodgetiger

      Thanks Tony

    • Augustus

      This is unique. Wow!

      • hodgetiger

        That's good right?!

      • Augustus

        Yea "unique" is kind of vague. It was romantic, with mystery, a hero charging ahead bravely and a forewarning. concisely written, Yea, that's good!

      • Saima

        This is amazing! Love it

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