Partying / She Was Never Yours


by Arcassin Burnham

Nice set up you got here,
put up all your glasses for all the devils that provoke you not to think,
I've learned from the highest of things not to walk into evil while gulping down this drink,
the music's too loud and I've doubted being here even more than I could blink,
but my eyes they won't blink,
girls and guys kissing,
so much lip biting , I barely hold my butterflies,
drugs on the table and the shot glasses,
I'm surprised that they survived,
I've got too much on my mind tonight to be sucked up in all of this,
but to find you in this party would be pure bliss in all this bad mist.


Every night I'd go to bed and wonder when that phone
Will e-ver ring,
You pulled a wool over my eyes and never told me what
Was the--real thing,
She could never be what I wanted her to be when it came
Down--to it,
Thought I met my match and thought i had someone that
I could call my own--in this,
But I was wrong....
Thought that I could be in love--a-gain,
To know that we sure,
As hell, can't--be friends,
Thought your decision making was better than that,
I'm hoping the next one don't ever hurt you like that,
The hurt that you caused me,
The hurt that you caused me.

  • Author: Arcassin Burnham (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 31st, 2016 12:29
  • Comment from author about the poem: ©ABPoetry2016
  • Category: Surrealist
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  • Stephanie Showers

    I like this and the imagery it brings with it.

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