Widow’s Hill

Even when the night air is calm
and still you can hear the wailing
of women from the past that flung
themselves off of WIDOW'S HILL
to the cold, cold ocean below and
legend has it at Collinwood they're
waiting for another jaded woman
to join them at the bottom of
WIDOW'S HILL where their restless
spirits wonder still...
Well listening to this tragic story
gave Victoria Winters the shivers
and she couldn't sleep a wink
that night, she wondered what in the
world could be so bad that these
women would take their own lives...
The Mistress of Collinwood said “oh
my dear I'm sorry if I upset you, pay no
more mind to these silly stories and
that's all they are nothing but silly old
stories” but Vicky said I must be crazy
but I feel like they're trying to lure me
to my death I don't know why that's
just the way I feel and I can't help
myself, especially after seeing the
shadow of a lady in white at the top
of WIDOW'S HILL last night"...
The mistress of Collinwood said “oh
darlin' it must of been your imagination,
I've never heard or seen anything out
there but if that's how you feel then please
promise me you'll take someone with you
if you must go out there” Vicky agreed but
she knew the Mistress of Collinwood was
lying and just trying to relinquish her fears
Vicky knew the stories were true just as
she knew she had heard their wailing on
this cold October night and it wasn't the
wind because the night air was calm and
still, yes she knew it had to be the restless
spirits of those poor, poor widows that still
haunt the high ledge and rocky ocean

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