The Battle of Mind and Love


The mind is a servant, it's purpose is to provide,
Memories of happiness and some that need to hide.
The millions of minutes in our lives creating a reason,
The wrongs outweighing the rights, lesion upon lesion.
Torturing ourselves with the mental scars of our decisions,
The battle of right and wrong causing a collision.
Mind and Love creating a colossal war,
So easily created, so difficult to ignore.
The pounding beats of the heart singing yes,
Pushing away the issues to address.
Yet the mind so more superior screaming a No,
Pulling the senses together to grow
Back the moral seeds that once bloomed in the sun,
That now need nurturing to redo the undone.
Mind forbidding love to lose sight of the suffering
It creates from the blindness it's born with, more taking than giving,
Love lives as an autocrat, it's own rules applies,
Belittling the mind from it's pleading and cries.
Mind begs the heart to treat its sickness of woes,
But the heart endures the pain and the more it grows.
The messages passing from head to the heart,
Get lodged in the throat then pulled apart.
Unable to speak now, it's torturing the mind,
Love should not be exposed, love of course is blind.
What authority does it have if it has no sight?
It's reasoning is based purely on its plight.
Passion and lust twist the minds thoughts,
Disfiguring, brainwashing, slowly begins to distort.
It has no voice now, it's power is weak,
Mind lies like a foetus, It's future looks bleak.
Love knows no boundaries now, it's free to wildly roam,
While the mind curls up, slowly losing its home.
Love's taking over the mind, soul and sense,
The irrational clutter taking its space is immense.
Clarity wiped out, in its place a threatening cloud,
The crash of lightening and thunder so loud.
Love has won over, it's goal has been achieved,
It shot the arrow through sanity and the mind now bleeds.
Bleeds tears of anguish, guilt and pain
The innocence and stability it will now never regain.

  • Author: scorchedwings (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 1st, 2016 00:51
  • Comment from author about the poem: A forever ending battle in the mind that love created.
  • Category: Love
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  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷🐦😽

    Great rhyming here and lots of muse to appreciate. I like many lines in metaphor esp, , 'love lives as an autocrat' , and mind lies like a foetus, wow that was of those creatively thought up and phrased swell. So thumbs up and I do hope to read more from u.

    Pls do comment out my latest poem too. I'm a new poet here but have been writing poetry since years and readers enjoyed it elsewhere until I found this site and wish to make new poem pals.

  • Augustus

    This is such a lovely piece of work. Too bad in our world today many if not most live in their minds.

  • Christina8

    This is a beautiful rhyming piece of work with good cadence. Good job!

  • Tony36

    Beautifully Awesome write

  • magno1988

    Loved this! A piece of perfection!

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