Liam Lawless

Historys Biggest Lie

There is one myth we believe every day,

The biggest myth for history to ever say.

We have freewill.

Before birth our life is decide for us

Go to school pay tax get boring jobs

Before birth your life is defined

Weather your born gay, black or blind.

Whether you’re fast or strong,

Weather your life is short or long,

Every day the government tell us we have freedom

But we must pay to live in our personal Garden of Eden

We can’t choose house our wealth decides that,

Our wealth is decided by a government fat cat.

They say we’re free;

They say we’re happy;

But no matter what…

Whether you’re poor or have a lot…

You’re just another government robot.


  • Christina8

    Very nice poem. Very deep. Yes, money decides a lot for us, doesn't it? Among other things

  • BSmooth

    Great job, and soo true

  • Tony36

    Very deep and well written, Great write

  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

    Govt's do influence our lives yes. This poem is hard hitting and nicely tells in awesome rhyme how our choices in life are limited by worldly powers. Kudos.

    Nice to read from your ink again.

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