The storm clouds

gathering in the skies

are mirrored in her eyes.

And as the thunder rolls ever closer

she feels it in her soul,

each peal of thunder

barely drowning out the sound

of her memories,

each strike of lightning

illuminating them

for her to relive in terrifying clarity.


His voice,

always yelling;

the inevitable blows, 

the way he knew just how

to break her down.

The way he still comes around

taking what he pleases from her,

forcing himself on her,

shattering her from the inside out...


She wants to let herself be happy

because he is gone


replaced by a man who loves her




like the storm,

she's just a ticking time bomb,

destroying everything in her wake

before disappearing




  • nicolerobbo

    Lovely this

  • Tony36

    Love it

  • elphaba993

    Thanks ya'll

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