Life Lines

Life is precious so I thank the lord for giving me this life
Don't know why or what my meaning on this plant is but just know that Ima try to do things right
Since I was a youth I always told the truth never knew what fake meant until the day i almost died on the pavement
I was only seventeen and I was doing a couple things I never seen in my dreams along came the pain and suffering my mother working hard and struggling working two jobs not even noticing what I be doing as I'm inhaling garbage through my respiratory tubes
I was close to seeing myself getting buried in a tomb
I was hanging with the wrong crowd
So I had to bounce out
And notice who were my real homies that I had doubt
Oh man I really did fuck up now
Too late to say sorry
I had you worried
My prayers go out to the Virgin Mary
All I wish for is to make you proud
I never wanted to be a disappointment
But I guess myself had to go through a couple of things to realize what Reality is
I'm sorry mom if I fail
I put you through hell
I just wanted the best for me and you
And You deserve it after all I put you through
One day the struggles will end
And your new life of journey will begin
But this time different with new things we could never get
And this time we'll have a lot more time to spend
I love you mom you are my best friend
Let me rewind my mistakes from my past and start all over again

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