Social Suckerfish

Beware of the Poachers,

Their goal’s to ingratiate.

They come off quite charming,

Hope you go for their bait.


They seek e-popularity,

Lacking in self-esteem.

Appearing full of sincerity,

Jackyards to the extreme.


Enormous proportions,

Their inflated egos.

Approach them with caution.

Stalking? Potentially so.


Reject them, they’ll go,

And collect those around you.

When questioned, they’ll lie.

It’s the lengths they’ll go to.


Not all have bad intentions,

With the names they collect.

Good reasons, their collections.

There’s no evil intent.


Trying to make better,

Their community.

Volunteers they gather,

To help those in need.


Or just the same hobby,

Or other beliefs.

Share drama and sobs,

Find some relief.


For bad ones there’s a name.

Friend Collector Disorder.

FCD means the same,

The friendship hoarder.


So, do yourself a favor,

Web experts insist,

Protection of privacy,

Hide your friends list.


  • Tony36

    Great write

    • WriteBeLight

      Thanks Tony36! I appreciate your comment.

      • Tony36


      • Christina8

        I so love your poem!

        • WriteBeLight

          Thank you very much! Was talking to a guy who was upset that his name got distributed and all of a sudden got traffic from people he never thought would contact him. He ended up ditching his twitter. He felt creeped out🙈

        • Augustus

          Yup. Got to be careful. Nicely done.

          • WriteBeLight

            Thanks Augustus. There is always a bad apple. Just be careful is right. Thanks for your comment😊

          • lysistrata

            Pleaseee Writer Be Light....
            You could lock your Twitter & let in only the ones you know or trust!!😎
            And I know done who play Attention Feeling Games on their social media accounts...How Pathetic!!⬇

            • WriteBeLight

              Thanks for the advice. I will pass it along to the person I was talking to as I do not have any social media accounts. What are the games you refer to? Thanks

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