Passion Flower.

She moves with grace in between ancient rain drops. Dances with bare feet, soft and delicate, to a shamans groove. Her hair of raven midnight black. Long and flowing. A bleeding heart, standing up to windmills and injustices move. Her shimmering eyes, childlike, gazing in eternal wonder. Her beating heart screams the ode to life's elusive pleasure. Her smile makes the sun blush and set into the night. And her lips, curved and full, are locked and hide sensual treasure. Passion flower, she blooms and sways in tropical breeze and sun. Passion flower. Her restless, beating heart, always searching. She knows life's pain and sorrow and joy and bitter irony. She wanders the streets, wild eyed, with a fragile hymn she's softly singing.


  • lysistrata

    Nice Poem! But where did you get the painting? It's stunning.I hope everything is Good for You.

    • JohnThomas

      Hello my dear! I found it on google. I wanted a dance image to go with it.
      All is well. Just busy being busy, hence why ive been on here so little lately.

      I hope all is well for you. Cheers! 🙂

    • Tony36

      Great write

      • JohnThomas

        Thanks Tony! Always appreciate your support.

        • Tony36


        • Augustus

          With all of life's difficulties, cruelties and injusticies we all can enjoy dancing in spite of it all, both with the grace and rhythm of a professional or with the enthusiam of an ordinary person. A nice tribute.

          • JohnThomas

            Thanks! We all need to stop and appreciate the simple beauties and delights this world offers. Even in the face of the chaos of the world.
            Glad you like it! 😎

          • Christina8

            Very nice poem with stunning metaphors. Painting goes so well with the poem.

            • JohnThomas

              Thank you! Super happy you liked it 😎

              • Christina8

                Loved it! You're welcome!

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