A Blackened Heart

A blackened forest my heart has become
A decay of chard matter
Black is the trees
Dead is the man
As the wind blows away his ash

The landscape of my heart
Scorched from time
Scorched from life
Has now become a place for death to reside

The cold air runs all around
Thru my hands…thru my hair
A cold that bites thru bone
And I watch as it snows ash

Not even the devil feels at home here
For even the blacked snow brings him dismay
I watch and see
A cold winter’s eve
Never to pass thru with a summers day

I watch my self wonder from a far from place to place
Pain etched on my face
The permanent sorrow
Tears cross his eyes

A snow storm of ash has come to my heart
And I feel the emptiness
I feel the pain
And with it
My life will stay in shame

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